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This site has documentation for scripting and programming WPM.

The Test Script and Alerting scripts are in JavaScript. Our JS interpreter is Rhino, which is written in Java. Objects from the API are generally Java objects under the surface; their methods and instance variables are declared at compile time so you are not free to add or remove them, nor can you enumerate through them. Regular JavaScript objects that you create in your scripts behave normally.

Test Scripting API
Test scripts simulate a user going to your website (and possibly others) and doing some sequence of operations. You write these for use in Monitoring and Load Testing.

Advanced Alerting Scripting API
Alerting scripts are used only in Alerting. You can program them to do operations on AWS or send text messages in response to a alert detected at your website through any Monitor or Load Test.

You can automate monitoring in the software you write by making HTTP requests to our servers. We include sample code for a variety of popular web languages such as Java and PHP.

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