Interface Summary
Bytes A simple representation of a byte array of data
CSVTable An object that represents a CSV table of data.
DataFile An object that contains a handle to an uploaded file and supporting operations
Dns Control the way DNS resolutions are done or make DNS resolutions directly.
Ftp FTP monitoring API
HttpClient The API that makes HTTP requests for Neustar Web Performance Management scripts.
HttpHeader An HTTP header key and value.
HttpRequest An object representing an HTTP request to be made in the future.
HttpResponse The result of an HTTP request make by HttpClient.
Net Network monitoring APIs
Net.PingResult The result of a ping request.
Net.TraceRouteResult The result of a traceroute request.
Net.TraceRouteResult.NetworkHop A single network hop of a traceroute request.
Sntp Makes SNTP requests and parses/validates the response.
Sntp.SntpResult SNTP V4 message according to RFC 4330 (backward compatible with V3)
TcpSocket Raw socket API for connecting and communicating over TCP.
Test The main control interface for Neustar Web Performance Management scripts - All scripts must start here first.
Transaction Aggregate information about a transaction in a script.
TransactionStep Aggregate information about a particular step in the script.
TransactionStepObject Basic information about an individual HTTP request during a test.
UdpSocket Raw UDP (Datagram/Unix Domain Socket) socket API.
UdpSocket.Packet A packet read from the socket.
Utils A set of general purpose utilities to assist with scripting.
WebBot Download web pages using a simple emulated browser, without evaluating JavaScript.
WebBot.Response The list of responses made during an execute() request.
WebDriver The WebDriver interface to a browser opened with Test.openBrowser().
WebSocket This is an implementation of the W3C WebSocket API.
WebSocketMessage A single message transferred over a WebSocket connection.
BrowserchromeOptions Options that you can use to customize and configure a ChromeDriver session.
BrowserfirefoxOptions It is used to control the behaviour of Firefox..

Enum Summary

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