Advanced Alerting APIs
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AlertsProvides a function to get recent messages from a monitoring job
EC2ClientAbility to provision, start, stop, describe, and reboot EC2 instances
EmailProvides an API to send plain text or html email
FeedClientProvides an API to get recent data from a data feed
FileProvides an API to read data files. Datafiles are uploaded through the application or using the REST API
HttpClientProvides an API to perform HTTP POST and GET operations
HttpResponseContains the data resulting from an HTTP request
LeftronicA Rest client that posts data to a Leftronic dashboard
MonitorProvides access to the harchive and monitoring backend
NeustarThis is the main object in the alert policy script. It is put into the Javascript environment as the variable neustar. It contains these other objects:
PagerDutyProvides a client to PagerDuty. It provides calls to trigger, resolve and get the status of open incidents
RumClientProvides the ability to retrieve recent data from WPM RUM
S3ClientProvides the ability to get,put,list,copy and delete objects in S3
SchedulerProvides the ability to immediately reschedule monitoring jobs
SMSClientProvides the abilty to send SMS messages
StoreProvides a key value store to persist data between different executions of alert scripts. The store is accessible only to the alert policy that is running
TemplateProvides the ability to render templates. The templates available are the mustache templates used to generate the alert emails. You can use your own mustache template
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